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Title: Distante 3
Label: Slam 537           Country: UK
Format: CD           Status: AVAILABLE           $16.00

Description: Gianccarlo Mazzu' on guitar & drums, Blaise Siwula on alto & tenor sax, bass & regular clarinets and Luciano Troja on piano. Mr. Mazzu' and Mr. Troja were/are part of a trio (Mahanada) and duo who have a couple of discs out on Splasch. Here they work with the ubiquitous NY improviser Blaise Siwula, who has recorded on more than fifty discs with many musicians from around the world. Mr. Siwula has the C.O.M.A. series at ABC-No-Rio for many years which is where he first met these two Italian musicians. Since improvisation in an international language which musicians from around the world share, this trio combines forces with solid results. They are not bound by styles or genres so we hear a variety of directions from straight swinging clarinet to freer explorations. What I dig about this is that there is a playful and somewhat melodic quality to this even though it is fully improvised. A rarity for most free music. At times it sounds as if they are playing fragments of standards yet will organically change direction when anything becomes almost familiar. From time to time, the trio will weave into some further out regions but never go too far. Where as some improv gets too dense or difficult, this never does and sounds fine just the way it is. - Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery
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